Monday, 13 December 2010

The recession might be over...

The recession might be over...

... but the government's austerity measures remain. Bankers continue to receive bonuses and pay rises, the public sector is being handed over to the big society and students look set to begin their financial lives in ten of thousands of pounds of debt. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The economy is an infuriating subject and one that can appear to have a scientific edge to its treatments and cures for depressions, recessions and deficit problems... but how much do we know of this 'science of choices'?

As an area of study, economics seems to dominate much of the discussion around societal and political issues, its a 'dismal science' and one that offers some dubious ideas for understanding us as people, ideas that might be interesting to consider in the space of a party economy...

Silently Revolting is a collective that organises not-for-profit parties where people can get together and get critical and celebrate it. We can't guarantee you a revolution but we can guarantee a space with cheaper drinks and like-minded people where you can plan it.

Please find info on the first party below, this is a pilot project and as such is focused on getting people together and seeing if we can make it work. This party is themed to the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and uses the official date of the most depressing day of the year - Jan 21st - to begin playing with the idea of a party stock market, as none of us have any experience of this area its proving difficult to do the maths but we'll give it a go and hopefully you'll be there to join us. We're getting a special currency designed for you to spend at the party, so instead of paying an entry fee and then having to buy drinks - we're asking you to buy our currency to spend in the space, which will make drinks much cheaper than going to the pub.

We welcome ideas, suggestions and contributions for this party as well as future parties, so if you're a performer, an economist, an artist, theorist or... anything in fact ... and you have something that you would like to try out, perform or speak about and it fits or reflects the theme in some way, get in touch ( and let's see what we can bring together. Hope to see you there.

Buy currency now...

You can buy currency here on this blog by clicking on the 'register now' button on the 'Crisis a la Mode: Dress to Depress' countdown. It will redirect you to eventbrite where you can register and pay through paypal.

It's worth noting that the rate of exchange, like any currency, may change, and it may be advisable to buy currency now before the party to avoid potential crashes...

Crisis a la Mode: Dress to Depress

Friday 21st January 9pm-2am at Ground Floor Left, Tudor Grove, Hackney, E9 7QL

It’s 1929. The Era of Good Feelings is well and truly over and Black Tuesday’s wrath has brought panic to streets of London.
The Great Depression has begun…

Beat the blues at the cheapest party in London. Enter a world of surreal stock-brokers, broken bankers and gamble on a good time  in a live fluctuating stock market. If that’s not enough to bump you out of your bad mood, why not bribe Freud to fund your prescription addiction to take you through the final hours of the most depressing day of the year.

Make the most of the plummeting value of all things and join a revolting economy where your consumption determines the value of everybody’s night. The more people involved, the quicker the prices drop and everybody profits.

Purchase your currency in advance and collect at The Bureau de Change on arrival. Please note that you are purchasing currency to spend in the space and this is not an entry fee.

Join The Revolted for a knees up and get ready for some stock market madness.

Music: From depression era to crisis years